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D E L I V E R Y    I N F O R M A T I O N

At Basil + Pip, we offer local, Norfolk deliveries at set price points, with the price corresponding to the proximity to our shop in Norwich. These deliveries, we fulfil ourselves.

Norfolk Delivery is offered Wednesday to Saturday, between the hours of
11 and 4.

Alternatively we can offer Nationwide postage, to anywhere in the UK.

We ensure to pack all of your goods securely, with specific flower boxes and plenty of sustainable packaging, to ensure that everything stays as secure and safe as possible during transit.

D E L I V E R Y   R A T E S

Norwich (Inner City ~ Within 0.5 km of the shop)

~   F R E E

Norwich (Greater ~ Within 12 km of the shop)

~   £ 6

Norfolk (Middle ~ Selected postcodes)

~   £ 1 2

(NR9, NR10, NR11, NR12, NR13, NR14, NR18)

Norfolk (Coastal ~ Selected postcodes)

~   £ 2 4

(NR15, NR16, NR17, NR19, NR20, NR21, NR22
NR23, NR24, NR25, NR26, NR27, NR28, NR29,
NR30, NR31, NR32, NR33, NR34, NR35)

If you have any further questions or requests please do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to help you as best we can

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