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F U N C T I O N  R O O M

Our gorgeous private event space, located behind the shop studio, is perfect to showcase your talents, whether its to exhibit art work, craft workshops, host supper clubs, wine tastings, for a photoshoot... the space lends itself to all occasions. Comfortably seating 10- 12 people around our large bespoke work bench,  and up to 18 if standing; the room has functional amenities in the form of a kitchen and toilet facilities.


As an independent, small, start up business, we want to be able to support others in this creative community. If you wish to learn more on the opportunity to use this space for a few hours, a day or even up to a week, please enquire to find out more. 

Please note that some requests may be unsuccessful due to the manner of their company infringing on immediate businesses in the Arcade.

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