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Our White Bouquet is a beautiful arrangement, comprising of an assortment of white flowers, varying in size, which are wonderfully enhanced by the selection of complimentary foliage and some dried components..


The different greens from the stems and leaves combine with smaller, discreet pops of white to emphasise the whiter tones within your bouquet.


We aim to keep our White Bouquets as pure white as possible, although smaller pops of colour often serve to exaggerate the larger flowers and can soften the display as a whole, stopping it from seeming too bright, and blending together.


All of our handmade bouquets come in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large and exact colours will depend on which flowers are seasonally available, although if you have exact preferences please don't hesistate to get in touch with us and we would be happy to help accomodate any specific requests as much as we can.

White Bouquet

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